College Counseling

Through a blend of digital tools and individualized support, our students gain acceptance to colleges that are best suited to their
interests, abilities, aspirations AND budget. With Xceed Anywhere’s College/Career Planning Program, a post-secondary education is
both accessible AND affordable.

Welcome to Xceed Anywhere College & Career Planning!

Every year there are roughly 2-1/2 million students applying for admission at one of America’s 4,000+ institutes of higher education. The process begins earlier, is year-round, more competitive and frankly, with the shifting nature of Covid-19, more confusing than it’s ever been.

But it doesn’t have to be.

At Xceed Anywhere, we’ve partnered with Your College Concierge to ensure that every Xceed Anywhere student is properly prepared for life after Xceed. Our college/career planning office provides a grade-specific, blended college planning curriculum that consists of live, individual meetings, mobile task tracking and communication, live, facilitated parent/student workshops, and student-specific college admissions and application support. Individualized College/Career Readiness Programming Beginning in 9th grade (or at time of student’s enrollment), Xceed Anywhere students are assigned a college planning advisor who will assist them in course
planning/selection, extracurricular choices, summer planning and community service selection. 9th-10th grade students will meet virtually with their advisor once every semester to review their trajectory and address recommendations for success.

In the 1st quarter of 11th grade, students and their parents meet with their advisor to discuss the student’s personalized admissions strategy, college list, admissions testing strategy/schedule, merit-based scholarship and grant opportunities, and campus

Hands- on College Application Assistance for All 12th Graders:

All Xceed Anywhere students meet individually throughout the Summer (prior to 12th grade) and the subsequent Fall to ensure adequate progress – including reviewing all college essays, institutional scholarship applications, college application sections, letters of recommendation, interview opportunities, etc. Students will continue to meet with their advisor who will support them throughout the entire admissions selection process to discuss admissions status, including acceptances, deferrals, options and
strategies to address any issues that arise.

College Application Processing & Administration

The Xceed Anywhere College Planning Office will also provide all related college application processing services including:

  1. Transcript generation, transmission to colleges and related tracking/follow up
    (includes preliminary request, mid-year report generation and submission (Jan)
    and final report generation/submission (May/June)
  2. Drafting and sending of counselor letters of recommendation on behalf of
    students (requested on Common and Coalition Applications)
  3. Collection, confidential review, submission and tracking of all teacher
    recommendations on behalf of students
  4. Coordination/processing/submission of relevant test scores (including, but not
    necessarily limited to AP test scores, IB test scores, AICE end-of-year test

Financial Aid & College Affordability Support

One of the most important aspects of our college planning program is our emphasis on
affordability as a key factor in a student’s college admissions program. Our financial aid
department focuses on maximizing each family’s opportunity to reduce the cost of
college through federal, state and critically institutional grants and scholarships.

Beginning on October 1 of 12th grade, the YCC team will hold a series of webinars for
Xceed Anywhere 12th grade parents on the financial aid process. These include a deep
dive into the FAFSA and CSS Profile , as well as “Understanding Your Financial Aid
Award”, a workshop/webinar to help parents with financial aid offer evaluation and the
appeal opportunity process. See also ‘Parent Workshops’.
Student College Application Course for Rising 12th Graders
Prior to the beginning of 12th grade (Summer), all Xceed Anywhere students are invited
to enroll in the YCC College Application Bootcamp. During this 5-week, facilitated
program, our YCC admissions team will guide the students through the entire
application process, including the writing of the Common Application/Coalition
Application essay.

Parent Engagement

Live Parent Workshops
● FAFSA step-by-step: A deep dive for 12th grade parents only (Oct)
● CSS Profile step-by-step: A deep dive for 12th grade parents only (Oct/Nov)
● College Funding and Financial Aid 101 (Dec)
● Understanding Your PSAT Score and Test Strategy: Standardized Admissions
Testing & the College Admissions Process for 10th and 11th grade parents &
students (Jan)
● “Understanding Your Financial Aid Award” & Appeal Process for 12th grade
parents only (March)

YCC360 – Web and Mobile connection (for Parents and Students)

YCC360 includes a web-based platform with just-in-time and evergreen college planning resources, tools, timelines, podcasts and recorded webinars. It also includes a mobile application that allows the advisor to manage each student‘s to-do’s and timelines. With YCC360 mobile, students can share documents, manage their tasks and communicate directly with their counselor in a secure way from any location.