Xceed Anywhere is an accredited virtual school that serves students, grades 6-12, by providing online curriculum, live one-on-one instruction with certified teachers, and interactive small group lessons with peers. Students may apply as a full-time student or a part-time student.

Xceed Anywhere is available for grades 6-12. 

A diverse range of students excel in a virtual school. They include:

  • Independent and motivated learners who prefer more autonomy in navigating their coursework.
  • Students who require a flexible schedule due to unique talents, responsibilities, or lifestyles.
  • Students who are more successful while working at their own pace, whether that means taking more time to master the material or accelerating ahead when they are ready.
  • Students who are more comfortable and focused in their own environment due to social, medical, or emotional factors.
  • International students – Proficient in English to be successful
  • Homeschool pivoting to more academic support and virtual peer interaction. 
  • Gifted and Learning Differences

All Xceed Anywhere students have access to certified teachers for scheduled live one-on-one sessions and participate in small-group interactive lessons with peers. Teachers may be reached by email, text, phone, and telecommunication or videoconferencing. The rigorous online curriculum is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students work at the pace that suits their learning style best, whether that means taking some extra time to master the material or accelerating ahead when they are ready.

Xceed Anywhere is Cognia accredited which means that the coursework is held to the highest of standards and credits acquired are accepted at any college or university. Certified teachers adjust their teaching methods to meet each student’s unique learning style and challenge the students to exceed their potential. Students learning virtually also gain valuable life skills such as communication skills, self-advocacy, time-management, and organizational skills.


Regular, Honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available to all Xceed Anywhere students.

No, Middle School students do not.

Xceed Anywhere is a college preparatory school and expects full-time students take the PSAT, SAT and ACT.

Full-time MS and HS students take a minimum of 4 credits and up to 8 credits each academic year. Students work one-on-one with certified teachers, participate in small-group lessons, and navigate their curriculum independently at times. Personalized learning plans are created with the head of school, individual college counseling is provided, and students graduate from Xceed Anywhere with an accredited high school diploma and graduation celebration. Social interaction opportunities with peers include participation in interest clubs, student council, student government, the National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society. 

Xceed Anywhere’s full-time high school tuition is $7,500

Xceed Anywhere’s full-time middle school tuition is $6,500

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For application and enrollment information, please visit our admissions page.

Part-time MS and HS students may register for .5 to 3.0 credits per academic year. Students work one-on-one with certified teachers, participate in small-group lessons, and navigate their curriculum independently at times. Students also have the opportunity to discuss their course schedules with the head of school. 

Xceed Anywhere’s middle school part-time program costs $695 per course, per semester

Xceed Anywhere’s high school part-time program costs $695 per .5 credit 

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For application and enrollment information, please visit our admissions page.

Teachers have daily office hours and regularly scheduled phone or videoconference sessions with each student for one-on-one lessons. Small group classes are also coordinated throughout the week. Students have the ability to request lessons with their teachers during the days and times that suit them best.

Students communicate with teachers by email, text, phone, chat, and telecommunication/videoconference. 

Families have access to the parent portal to review student progress at all times. 

Teachers provide weekly update reports.

Parents may request monthly progress report meetings with the head of school and/or teachers.

    1. Establish a consistent daily schedule.
    2. Communicate with the head of school and teachers.
    3. Familiarize yourself with the parent portal and regularly review progress and grades. 

Yes, Xceed Anywhere students may switch to one of Xceed Preparatory Academy’s campus locations as a full-time student. Tuition would be adjusted to meet the on-campus program cost.

Xceed’s academic calendar is similar to many county calendars with classes starting in August and ending in May. Although, Xceed allows for significant flexibility. For example, student’s may access their curriculum and work independently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Schedules can be adjusted to meet the needs of the student and the entire family for travel, vacations, sports competitions, performances, or any other type of consideration.

Yes, Xceed Anywhere Summer School is available for any high school student as of Summer 2021. Part-time and full-time students may take up to 4 courses during the summer and will be an additional cost for all Xceed Anywhere students. Learn more.


To review device system requirements necessary to access Xceed’s curriculum, please visit:  https://support.ems.connexus.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007993234-Connexus-EMS-System-Requirements

Yes, technical support is available for course and gradebook access.

Families are responsible for personal laptop maintenance and tech support.

Yes, Xceed Anywhere is a fully-accredited school that offers NCAA approved core courses.